Software Developer Internship— Thesis for SETEC Institute

Sambo Chea
21 min readApr 5, 2019

Before I willing to finish my bachelor degree, I need to be and work for the company first for my internship program. I really appreciated to work with my position that I've got and make friendship another at the working place and with my team. As long as I am, I have more experiences and some of my difficulties with challenges to other in my company. To do so, I need to try hard and find the best solutions to work with my current role and try to gain those opportunities and more goals for the future work.

# Preface

To prove the knowledge and capacity that we have been learning for four years, the institute wants me to know how strengths and weaknesses I am, so this is why internship come to the picture, which is the reason that everybody must complete it before graduating their bachelor degree. And I am one to be there to accomplish, “What and Why that I am done at working while internship at the company?”.

To catch my works with studies for a long time, and it is the time to me to show, what I willing to do and done with my real working process of differences between studying at college and working in the company. Also, it the time to catch the experiences to me while I am working too and try to improve myself in the developing skills and decision with the teamwork and the standalone student at the college.

Sum up, I really appreciated to say thank you to all Teachers that teaches me a lot of the processing and crafting the workloads and the techniques to resolves the problems and the real life of working for the company. That’s it just student that must be catch up and do to be the done works and goals. “Because it is your time, try to catch it up, if you want it.”

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As a fourth-year student at the college, I am really happy to learn and do a tone of assignments in my class. As be there, I known that; as I am a student and the role of the learner to inject the knowledge into my skills and find the good work that fit to my major and my current opportunity.

Liked I am doing, I was choosing my road-map into Software Engineering and Cloud Infrastructure for my current major and skills. I really hope that, in one day, I may be done with my works and do more researches of my dream and making inspiration on the opportunity of Startup and Entrepreneur. However, it is not the endpoint my mind, I am still redefining on my working and looking forward to join and connect to other industries of Technology and Science.

And now, as my time to internship for the Software Company and try to learn and research more, when I was working in there. Moreover, in the workplace I try to understand about my friends that working as a team. I so really hard with difficulty ideas and thinking together as the teamwork, but I am still trying again and again for the future work. To gain more opportunity of internship is the gain ideas from company and “How they can start the company and The Techniques in Managing?” Also, I am still appreciated for my working as internship for the company after I willing to finish my college of bachelor degree. In my point, I know working for the company; it is not enough for my goals and I still dreaming about my opportunity. When I finish my internship, I will try more to work hard and gain more knowledge for the current and willing extended my career for the future.

Look at the time, I willing to do something on scaling my ideas that I was learnt from my college and internship in the company. Meantime, working hard and learn hard are the way that dive into my mind to be more confidential and motivated on myself as the person from the college to employee and after it is the time to find a new way to be the success future that starting from learning and exploring the true face of the opportunity of work and more experiences.


In my period of my internship that has the duration 16 weeks as long, I had enough experiences as my current role and major of my skills. As long that I am, I was and trying to discover the hard of working and gain more knowledge and experiences in working for the company as my internship. But the knowing of the techniques that working for the company, it is not easy for me and I am trying to still as one of the staffs in the company. As the more that I am, I have a lot of experiences when working in the company and I will describe as much that I was of the current role that I was toke. To look more into my experiences as Software Engineer, I wiling and show my based experiences in working for the company during my internship, take it below.

My Firstly, experience about my life as the internship that from the college, I was knowing about myself much more on working on the team and as the managing of the team too. I appreciated to be and group working, but it is not all the time for me that I was trying to research more with my working on the subjects and try to accomplish for my current projects or ideas that I was working on. Exactly, I was known myself; If I will to do something in my projects I need first to adopt or asking from the top of the managing on me or another person and my team too. And as I doing, I still more and more to empower myself of hard-working with the teamwork and try to inject what they need and the things to do next with the objectives that provides me and other to accomplish those things for the company that I working on. In my point my first experience of my current life that it is provides me the things that I need to learn more and try to understand more, “what I am going and what can I do with it?”. To pressure that, I was ongoing to my ideas and starting thinking too much with my working that trying resolve the problems that I faced with it. Do so, I need and try to help myself to learn more about the techniques and “How to resolve the cause of the problems that I currently faced with it and try to occurred it into my solutions and gain it as much as I can”. And it is the time, to find the first and try to gain the things that I willing to resolve and retry to accomplish it as well as my opinion and working deal. In the last but not least, in my point of view, that is; I hope myself and thought that I willing to accomplish the big than I am now and still learning and researching from everywhere that I can and do it as well for gain more experiences in my life.

Take to the more as My Secondly experience, about the real work and time management that I was thinking and spend it too much and trying to manage it as well. But I was really hard to controls those things, because times have a scheduling on working and my real life that’s it connected with each other and not sliced from anyone else. And in my timing, after I was wake-up from the sleeping and I try to force myself to wrapping up and starting to work on time that the working started. And after, in working time I had to managed the teamwork and deploying the time the sheet of the boards and prepare members of the team to complete the tasks that I was provided into the team. And the one, I had enough to control timing to members, “What are something else still to accomplish on the due date that I was provided by the boards on the current projects?”. After that, I know more about it and take some experiences in the timing to control myself and members in the teamwork and to manages complicated processes with members that they have enough deal to find and due on the dates.

Hangout back, I was more experiences in the Software Development with team projects and it is my time to gaining the process from the company to finding the best way of the experiment and concentration of ideas and techniques to develop the best deal of the Software and Fast with Adoration into company profile. But I am not end-up for my internship and I will try more after I faces more bugs and the causes, it is my time to fixing and trying to concentrate to new thing to learn and to be more of the power ideas and thinking. As my looking back into the deep of the developing of software, I known that, I was dive to realize to other challenges with my complementation with my working hard and one of the hard-learner to make the best of the experiences of the real life and for the working in the company too. And I always, toke my time to do the useful things likes, to research and finding the problems that I caused then finding the solutions and starting scaffolding it to break it up to the one of the best deals in the heart of the Software Engineering and Personal Improvement.

But now, it is not end with my experience and I had one more about the Operation with the Cloud Infrastructure. I had to do a lot of it and before I cannot do it, but I can do a lot of it likes, Installation, Configuration and Repairing of the Cloud Hosting Services with my working at the company. As my realized into Configuration on Email Server, before it is not easy to me and I can configurable and use it with working normally. Before I am so tried hard with it, and I am still not lost my mind to forgive it up and try to find more and more about the documentation and copying the eyes from the someone else on the internet that I can found it. And more in the Cloud Computing, it is really hard with Security and Data Protection and I know it and try to catch it from the survive of the documentation likes from the E-Learning Services, and some Courses that they show me to protects and secure your data and more about Securities and Implementation.

And to sum up with experiences as my current internship in the one of the company, I really appreciated with my role and do what I liked and loved to do things that provides me a useful ideas and make me more power to learn somethings new and deals with the real life to crafted me on empower person and it is the way to drive me to be one the success person with my wantrepreneur to be entrepreneur in might be one day.

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Difficulties, Challenges and Solutions

About 4 months, I faced many difficulties while I was working in my current workplace, to do a lot of the works that I trying resolve the problems in my current role as the Software Engineer and Cloud Infrastructure to configuration and deployment in my working time. As my difficulties I am, I had to do more research on the internet to find the best solutions for my problems that faced with it and to fix drafted of my work. Of course, my faced it is not enough for me to gain the more in the deep of hard working for the company. Also, I willing to gain more and more to find the way in my difficulties and starting to resolve as better I am. But they know that, the difficulties it is not easy to drafting and still trying hard to overtake it. However, I have a lot of the difficulties when I was working for the company. And I started to resolve and overtake it into the deep one of my minds and tries for step by step to fix and resolve those difficulties while working with my internship program.

As I did for a long in internship student for a one company, I am still met a lot of problems and need to resolve before the deadline. As that, I need to find and make more challenges with my working and the techniques of work too. While I was working, more problems and solutions have come to me and I try hard to fix it and try to make challenging to other like, in my teamwork and other company as I am looking to. To do better than this, I need most to make my own challenges in my work-group and finding the best solutions for my teamwork.

By the way, I know myself that, I was working hard with my working and more about my studying while I am working too. That’s look to me to busy and make more difficulties to myself and to computation with my projects at working and managing to other members with strict and stress ways. To be better than now, I will be redefining all of my difficulties at works and studying about more complexity with strongly thinking that focus on our working projects while I working as internship program.

As I am doing at working place, I was making more difficulties on complicated projects and more meeting on the project timeline of its deadline that I must be fast to do and done before it was end-up. And to sum up of my difficulties while I am working, it’s so really hard and more empower on my working flows to improving on project structuring and design software likes, Data Preparation, Software Architectural, and more complexities on calculations directories of main project repositories and workloads. And more difficulties other projects and seminar, I used to configuration on Operations of the Cloud VPS. It was so hardly, to define the problems that caused on workplace and I trying to re-implement the problems. Moreover, If I was trying to test undefined problems or causes that I don’t know, “How to fix it and solve it?”.

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The Next that I should prefer to is Challenges, as the teamwork I should prepares and try to understand more about the members in the team to make me easy to defining the ideas and thinking about the working projects, “What can we do and done with teamwork and we try to accomplish a lot of ideas into one of working process as a teamwork.”. Like that, I was trying hard to deploy ideas with my team and working together to accomplish the better idea with the most successfully process of the working in the teamwork. But everyone that included me too, I had challenges to the members in the team as well. Because we want to empower the strongest idea and better intelligence thinking with the top of the members in the team and try to stressful on conceptions and working deal.

As the way of challenges, it is not only of the members, but I need to challenges to outgoing of the company while I was working as the developer and I mostly to develop the strong with clear complexity and reusable applications. To do so, everything of challenges while working they need to be and defining the top of the better solutions to their own or commercial ideas.

To be better in challenges to someone else, I must be finding the best Solutions while I am working and strongly concepts in developing ideas and thinking on those projects and managing. That’s it show the better and it will be done with the best solutions, when I try to challenging to someone, it is not mean that I am working slowly and roll out my ideas not normally and just go to working and return back to home and after go to work again the same day. But it is not my preferred, that I was working hard and done with the big success with the best solutions, so I willing to define the main of the problems that I has and starting implement the solutions and try to find the best way to those problems that it is caused and faced me while I was working and studying. So, I willing to do something that fit to me with comfortable solutions and understanding it as well.

Thus, in my mind of the best solutions while ongoing with my working progress, I must be fixing the breaking ideas and unless modules of my projects and structures of software and designing. As of the points, I always try my best to finding the new solution to fit my structural of the projects and time managing as the deadline of the solutions in the projects. On the hands, Best Solutions are not pretty enough and I must be extending it as well as possible. And the way, to scale it up by extending the solutions, it is so fascinated on the ideas between the real problems that I caused and faced it while on working time. So that, I must be exactly “What and Why I am doing for those problems and I try fast and adoration on the better solutions.” and must be trying hard to investing the time into the deep on the thinking of the final solutions and crafted it to be one the better and better ideas to fix it up that comes with the real solving to those problems as The Better Solution Ever.

So, as I am explained above, that’s it in my working place I was met the most problems and the causally, I was preparing immediately as I am doing about Web Applications and Operation on Cloud. And my problems that caused me and solutions that I tried to fix with my research everywhere that I can catch it up. As well, when I faced it, I was resolved step by step likes I am to do with my source code and applications breaking and Cloud Configuration unresolvable and more about the faces of working in the intern student. Because I am not the profess student that I need to learn it step by step to resolves the problems that caused to me at the working place. However, I am just not a fulfillment of the Software Engineer and I try to fit my best hard to be one of the Software Engineer and strict to be the top on it too by using the fit solutions and done with my current role at my intern workplace.

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Knowledge acquired and future utilization

After I’ve been working for a long time, I know that working hard and making the problems and starting solving it, that it is the best for the knowledge that we engage to prompt for hard-working and do more research as we can do.

The most important thing, that is it the time, because it is the way that I’ve working on and trying to accomplish those things too. Therefore, I’ve been working as internship for several months that I know that, my knowledge are more increases and high-level in developing my skills with more in advanced projects and routing on the way that provides me a lot of problems with distribution goals and thinking as well as I was did. At the time, I was trying to accomplish the works and gain the more knowledge from it.

To make the time as the internship student, I was gaining a lot of things and ideas that I was take from my work and more research on it. As me the internship program, I willing and think a lot of ideas with my current knowledge to improve myself in developing in high-level of student and staff in the college and company. Furthermore, I really know that, I am an internship student, I am not able to do everything, but I can think to everything that I can learn from everywhere likes, in my teamwork, in college, and to ask someone else that can help me to solve those problems that faced in my mind and in my current role. As the more points of my view, that’s it the way for me to looking forward to acting more knowledge and try to accomplish more things and learn from it as the role and more on activities that I was studies in college and in my working place too.

Meantime, I was gaining more and more knowledge from my current role of working for the company that I had working on. The more, I thought that, I was improved more of skills after working as internship for the company and try to learn from it too. However, it is not the end of my gain in knowledge to developing me to the more levels in my role. As I am doing, the knowledge that I’ve got from my working at the place in the company; I was hired myself to do more in self-improvement on my skills and more researches in current role to develop and empower on the high -developing techniques and learn more from it and do to the best of solutions.

As the time in my current role of the developing and knowledge that I willing to get and take it to improve into my working and develop in knowledge base that I learnt as Software Engineer likes, developing Web Applications, System Administration, Data Privacy and Security Protection. In my skills, I more clearly and knows a lot of it, and “What are going to do in those applications and How to resolve those problems that faces into applications?”. To acts those problems and faces, I have learnt a lot of from it and try to catch it up to develop more in my knowledge of understanding the causes and make the wishes into problems.

The acts into knowledge, while I was working, I am trying and finding more techniques to deploy what are the projects required and catch it of my following the each of problems. And more, I can do a lot of and use many technologies and those techniques with crafting into my applications. In one more, I was developing Cloud Infrastructure for hosting website, email services and application server too. The based deal in my mind, I was chose the Web Application Development and try scaffolding it with less computations in my real applications and services while I am as the internship student and learnt from when I was faced it and catch it out from my problems and solving it as well as possible in the time.

Look at the back of my knowledge, I can do a lot of things and solving the problems as well, and the first I willing to talk about Software or Web Application Development in my current role and Development. In the time, I really appreciated to myself that I can do and learnt more about “How to solving my applications and fixing it as well?”. As my problems that faced it, the real applications that was learnt and acts into my knowledge that I was that it caused while I started join the team in Web Development for the first. I really know myself for the time work as the team in the company. And more I realized that, I was crafted it as the points and trying to understand the hard of the out-understanding in the deep of the knowledge while I was working in the team group. To do so, I was acts step by step to understand the problems and try to find the main points of solving with the best ideas and thinking again and again for the fit point. As the first knowledge of my mind, I appreciate into deep of the working with real application development as my current role and do more workloads as the teamwork and try to explain more and share my knowledge to others too.

Furthermore, of the knowledge acquired that I’ve got from working and I still learn it more from others and trying to catch it up as the points of the view of working as the internship student, and do the realization of the ideas that got from the company while working and exploring. As I am acted into the dive of my knowledge, I had learnt to try to Manage Cloud Infrastructure as the second skills in mind and more I had tried faster and faster to do more research of the causes into my problems. And I’ve got a lot of the problems likes, “How to setup Web Server, Mail Server and Database Applications into my current role and to lean into my applications development?”. As more as I am, I was successfully on any configuration of the Cloud Services of Web Server Hosting, but I am failed for the one thing of configuration on Mail Server Application, I had tried a lot of the solutions but it was return by nothing to me. However, it is not my time to end to finding the knowledge base to me and I give it up and try to solving the caused that I was faced with it. I just learn more and more from it. And for one day, I accomplished it as well and I can do it as the work. The thing that I want it is completed of the “How to hosting the email server?”. And now, I can send out/in for my own company server on the cloud.

As well, I was acting it more in knowledge acquired that I gaining from the causes of the problems that I’ve got while working and real life of the learning from something new with the goals to be one the good staff of the student as the internship program.

All the most to my future utilization, I thought that, I willing to the big things that I’ve got from my knowledge that I was learnt from the company and studies at the college. Moreover, I want to scale it up as well as I can do it with the realization of the computations in my working flows and logical of works. To be best, I can manage the team work and done with some project management for ongoing to be the right way to group works and looking the round of managing and reuse the unused things and ideas with my current accomplished knowledge that I was acquired it from the company that I was intern for. Therefore, I all most done with the working on the projects and I will be rolling out more of my knowledge to deploying the big and scalability to my future work and doing for making up for the company to the next.

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If I were a supervisor or manager I would

As my acts in a supervisor or manager and I would to manages as I can and all of my abilities for the current opportunity and the role based in the managing. For more of the time, I will be rolling out the ability and manage the teamwork and the group of works. And always of my time, I do not waste it to do somethings un-useful and I take the meaning time to hard-working and to finding the best ideas with the deals to show it up to the groups that fellow by me. Of the points of my mind, I still strict on the managing in the groups and starting do some of presentation to my group-works and trying to explains some the useful and the unless thinking.

For the best in my managing for the group-works, If I had many teams to manages as slice of the team. For the first, I need to prepare the team which of the they can be done with each other and can empower to other and in the team too. And other hands, If the teams, still make some the wrongs in the managing I will try and find the best solutions for them.

As the real of my managing with my teamwork, I need most to divided the members in the team to do the different of their works and type of what are they doing to. Moreover, I willing to grouping the members, if the works are going to hard and more difficulties to resolve the points of the problems and consumptions of slice of works and objectives.


As my summary in my life of Software Engineer Internship for the company that a long time to work with the team, that I’ve a lot of experiences and to gain more knowledge from my hard of working. I know that, as an internship student it is not easy for me, If I use go to work and then come up from the morning then to work again and again for every day, it’s just the work for the life. But I am not to do that, I need to find the new way to deploy my ability and to gain opportunities in the working as the acts of the student from the internship program and I was really think about the future of my mind too that “What should I do next, after I finish my program as the student for internship for the college?”. Do so, I will be working hard to try to find more solutions then I was today. And I know myself, I am not just working for the company and I just injected into the deep of the learning somethings new and make more hopeful for my future and goals of my dream too.

Last minute the meaningful of my mind, accepted it and do it. Because it is your working hard and try to learn more, what you can do. Don’t be await till time is less.