How you make it? Inspiring and Dreaming. (Part I)

Sambo Chea
5 min readFeb 25, 2019


That’s come along with my real-life of my journey and started with How?

M y Dreaming and Inspiring on Computer Science for Modern Technology and make me a scene of HARD-LEARNER.

Credit: Pexels@cheasomben

Before I’m here, I was toke too long of my journey in the road-map for my opportunity with Technology and Modern World. My friends, they often asked me “How you make it, and How you learn it?”

Those of my sentences make me wondered about my life and make me a question “How can I make it?” .

I think, I realized that my working hard and strong dreaming still make me upon for the opportunity and inspiring myself for the real world. Even someone’s else, still thought about me, and ask me again and again for the same questions. However, I am still making more empowered myself to be a hard-leaner and more researches about my dreaming and make me to inspiring about my goals and How I make for the thing, that I am going with and gonna be to do.

“Make your DREAMS to be TRUE, If you still DO it for your DREAMS.

Inspiring for your DREAMS, If you LOVE, what you DO.”


In my long-time ago, I was a young boy that innovated in science and love doing things, that make me feel of discovering and exploring in real life. I really liked doing different things from other boys and very liked in practiced without theory of my case-study. However, it is not the easy way that I was doing. I was met a lot of problems in my family and studying. In there, I was thought, “When I can make my opportunity for discover somethings, that I’d love to do without permits from my parent?”.

Therefore, I am still not allowed to do somethings without permitted from my parent, but I was trying to hides from them and cracking my things that I wanna to do. By every and every days, I think “Maybe One Day, I can do it; that I was following my dreams and goals”.

After there, in my room I was make a lot of things from electronic of toys that I was bought it for own. I never play-around and take care as well, for a few I was cracked down it to be parts of toys. Anyways, My MOM told me and scold me; “Why are you so different from other boys that they are not destroy somethings as YOU?”, she said. I so wonder of myself, why it is like that? And told to it myself, “Are you crazy with your discovery to be a Scientist or Electronic Engineering?”. To be the way, I can’t break the ideas down, that I am still following my opportunity to be one in Technology. And I had a lot of changes mind to be one in Computer Science as Software Creation.

By the way, the thing that inspiring me most in Computer Science that from my Cousin Brother. He was so friendly with me and sharing his knowledge to me to make me a scene of empower on myself. I really appreciate with him, because he made me a lot of ideas and made me a use of Smart Phone and Computer too. I remember that, he was told and guide to be self-learner and working hard with my dreams, and accomplish my goals. I never forget him in my life.

As one day, I was watched a TV with Technology program, that they’d show to create website and writing codes. Moreover, it is coming a lot of technology that want to use and I was borrowed my Brother likes, Smart Phone for research and cracking it. And then, he was bought a PC for his work and study. After, I was so attacking with PC, I think one day maybe I can use it as my own. I was so cool with Computer and I was borrowed my Brother to test the guided that one program about Technology was shown me tutorials on “How to write HTML5, How to make field as varchar(max) for store KHMER language in database of SQL Server?

And I was hard to understand, what they are guided me to the points. Back to the day, I was happy and start to my brother to show him, “How can I make a website in easy way, not liked create an email for difficult way.For the time, I found him, then I told him I was watches the program show me the guided to create a website just a few codes and save as a file and open the file on browser, after that it will show the site. Anything, it was gone to me that I failed to test that I was learnt from TV shows. And because, my brother can’t find the program was name “Notepad” that was built-in in Windows PC. And I was toke over my guide into next.

A few weeks later, I was told my told My MOM to buy me a Smartphone, but she was refused me, because I was as destroyed boy and the word was said that “If somebody, play you some of smartphones they broke it or locked by SIM CODE and then SIM CARD will be broken as well.” I was trying again and again about my passion in technology into My MOM, but she does not accept me a gift that I really loved to much in my life.

I think, it is not end of my passion and I still retry to request her a Computer to replace the smartphone. Anyway, it is not the good I was thought and she was scold me and told me “I cannot buy it for you, and I don’t have enough money to make you a PC that you loved”. A several weeks later, it is a good day, that I heard My MOM and told me “I will buy you a computer, if I sold my land for make you a computer and smartphone for your sister too”. I really waiting the day, but it is so long-time, that I can’t slept as well and I still make a scene for the day that someone’s else buy My MOM land.

One day, it was coming out. They were buying My MOM Land and her tell me “I will buy you a computer for a few days, when I was preparing my money for you.” I think, I nearly enjoy my testing for the guided on my own computer as well. And the day is coming out, My Father was guided to buy a computer and smartphone at Phnom Penh for my sister too, and I was happy to much. And then, I returned back to my hometown. I was tested it as well, and I’d loved it too much. For the first time, I don’t know to use it, but I’m trying and I don’t care about the broken, I think I just research it.

This end of PART I of my topic, I will show more on PART II.

About Article: — Sorry for grammar, I’m not good at with it as well, just in reading & conversation levels.